Message from the HeSHNO President

The Governing Board of HeSHNO (photo taken at a public awareness event organized by HeSHNO on April 2, 2016). From left to right: D. Moraitis (Vice President), K. Papakonstantinou (Secretary Elect), A. Argiris (President), K. Papakostas (Member), E. Petinelli (Treasurer), K. Dardoufas (Member), C. Georgalas (Secretary General).

Message from the HeSHNO President

The Hellenic Society of Head and Neck Oncology (HeSHNO), a non-profit organization recognized by Greek law, was founded in April of 2015 as the first multidisciplinary society of Greek physicians and dentists who are involved in head and neck cancer. The first elections of HeSHNO took place in September of 2015 and the founding Governing Board (2015-2017) was elected. HeSHNO members are representative of the whole spectrum of specialties associated with head and neck cancer research, diagnosis and treatment. Our membership comes from multiple regions of Greece, public and private institutions as well as Greek and foreign Universities. We strongly believe that the close collaboration of many disciplines is a prerequisite for the best management of patients with head and neck cancer who face a complex and challenging disease. Our goal is to promote scientific and research activities as well as educational and public awareness events related to head and neck oncology, and collaborate with organizations and societies that have similar interests and objectives.

Our Governing Board is asking each one of you to help us to achieve our goals with your individual abilities and contributions. We hope that you will find interesting information on this website.

With respect,

Prof. Athanassios Argiris
HeSHNO President
On behalf of the HeSHNO Governing Board