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Invited guest faculty

2nd Hellenic Multidisciplinary Conference on Head and Neck Cancer

Paolo Bossi (Italy) – Medical Oncologist
Jean Bourhis (Switzerland) – Radiation Oncologist
Ana Ferreira Castro (Portugal) – Medical Oncologist
Christos Christopoulos (France) – Radiation Oncologist
George Garas (United Kingdom) – Head and Neck Surgeon
Joseph I. Helman (USA) – Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeon
Christophe Le Tourneau (France) – Medical Oncologist
Apostolos Karkanevatos (United Kingdom) – Otolaryngologist
Jozsef Lovey (Hungary) – Radiation Oncologist
Piero Nicolai (Italy) – Head and Neck Surgeon
Ioanna Nixon-Fragandrea (United Kingdom) – Clinical Oncologist
Sandra Nuyts (Belgium) – Radiation Oncologist
Petr Szturz (Czech Republic) – Medical Oncologist