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3rd Hellenic Multidisciplinary Conference on Head and Neck Cancer

Organizing Committee

Athanassios Argiris – Medical Oncologist, Committee Chair, HeSHNO President
Dimitrios Moraitis – Head & Neck Surgeon, HeSHNO Vice President
Christos Georgalas – Otolaryngologist, HeSHNO Secretary General
Konstantinos Papakonstantinou – Plastic Surgeon, HeSHNO Secretary Elect
Effie Petinellis – Radiation, Oncologist, HeSHNO Treasurer
Konstantinos Dardoufas – Radiation Oncologist, HeSHNO Board Member
Konstantinos Papakostas – Otolaryngologist, HeSHNO Board Member

Scientific Committee

Charalambos Andreadis – Medical Oncologist
Minas Artopoulos – Otolaryngologist
Ioannis Bizakis – Otolaryngologist
Alexandra Giannopoulou – Radiation Oncologist
Vassilis Georgoulias – Medical Oncologist
Jiannis Hajiioannou – Otolaryngologist
George Garas – Otolaryngologist
Panagiotis Gouveris – Medical Oncologist
Stathis Kamperis – Radiation Oncologist
Anastasios John Kanellopoulos – Ophthalmologist
Charisios Karanikiotis – Medical Oncologist
Apostolos Karkanevatos – Otolaryngologist
Panagiotis Katsaounis – Medical Oncologist
Despoina Katsochi – Radiation Oncologist
Nikolaos Kentepozidis – Medical Oncologist
Sofia Kosmidis – Radiation Oncologist
Athanasios Kotsakis – Medical Oncologist
Anna Koumarianou – Medical Oncologist
Michail Koukourakis – Radiation Oncologist
Dimitrios Malamos – Dentist-Stomatologist
Nikolaos Nikitakis – Dentist-Stomatologist
Marianthi Panteliadou – Radiation Oncologist
Savvas Papadopoulos – Pathologist
Ilias Papathanasiou – Speech and Language Therapist
Eleni Patrozou – Infectious Disease Specialist
Evagelia Peponi – Radiation Oncologist
George Rigakos – Medical Oncologist
Evagelia Skarpidi – Pathologist
Maria Tolia – Radiation Oncologist
Konstantia Tsamasioti – Radiation Oncologist
Aikaterini Vlastou – Plastic Surgeon