HeSHNO objectives

  1. Promoting knowledge that relates to the biology, epidemiology, prevention, diagnosis and treatment of cancers arising in the head and neck.
  2. Development and publication of guidelines for the management and supportive care of patients suffering from head and neck cancers.
  3. Organization of scientific and educational events and conferences on the topic of head and neck cancer.
  4. Creation and maintenance of a Greek Tumor Registry for head and neck cancers.
  5. Development and promotion of research activities as well as facilitating interactions between Greek and foreign scientists in head and neck oncology. Clinical studies will be developed in association with Greek and foreign cooperative groups.
  6. Promoting public awareness for head and neck cancer.
  7. Achieving national representation to international organizations and societies.
  8. Collaboration with other organizations and societies in various scientific activities that take place in Greece or other countries.
  9. Organization of educational programs and the publication of educational material on head and neck cancer for the general public, patients, and physicians.
  10. Awarding grants to members or non members for scientific work on head and neck oncology.