2nd multi

Invited Guest Faculty

Paolo Bossi (Italy), Medical Oncologist
Jean Bourhis (Switzerland), Radiation Oncologist
Ana Ferreira Castro (Portugal), Medical Oncologist
Christos Christopoulos (France), Radiation Oncologist
George Garas (United Kingdom), Head and Neck Surgeon
Joseph I. Helman (USA), Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeon
Christophe Le Tourneau (France), Medical Oncologist
Apostolos Karkanevatos (United Kingdom), Otolaryngologist
Jozsef Lovey (Hungary), Radiation Oncologist
Piero Nicolai (Italy), Head and Neck Surgeon
Ioanna Nixon-Fragandrea (United Kingdom), Clinical Oncologist
Sandra Nuyts (Belgium), Radiation Oncologist
Petr Szturz (Czech Republic), Medical Oncologist